An introvert in the blogosphere 

How was your day? If you had a hard day or series of them over the week, don’t worry you will get through it. Trust me I don’t have that “good days” either. But if you have had a good or a great day I am glad you did.

Why did I start to blog?

Hello, everybody. I appreciate you for taking some time off your busy schedule to read possibly just another blog that you stumbled upon while going through your feed and I am glad you did. Well, it’s my first blog ever and probably the first time i will express my thoughts online. I recently had the urge to blog. I have started it as my hobby but I so wish it turns out to be my passion in a matter of few years as I have always loved to write. I am not quite of a talker because I feel my words are always lost in the chatters but when it comes to writing i sure can write a bulky book. I feel so connected with literature. Words are my only constants in the world of chaos.

I have always been an average student but I was always praised for my creativity. Well, you can assume that except my english and social studies teachers no other teachers quite liked me. I recently gave a terrible maths paper which I am sure I won’t pass because maths never was my cup of tea. I am more frustrated about the fact that I could have done well enough because i was familiar with the questions but I opted not to revise them before the exams. Now there’s no point being anxious and depressed about it because what’s done is done but we sure can learn from our mistakes, can’t we? The only thing I feel bad about is that my high school certificate is in ruins already. So, to take a break from it all I decide to blog instead. 

What is my social life like?

I don’t have a bunch of friends but just a few. Though I have a small group of friends they are all so precious to me. I believe in the famous saying, “the less people you chill with, the less problems you deal with”. Though, I would love to make new friends but something always triggers me to do so. Most of the time I feel like it’s better to be alone and stay peacefully at one corner of my room with my journal by my side so that I could write everything that stumbles upon my brain or just go through all my social accounts instead of being in an uncomfortably crowdy place (but I love to hang out with my cousins).

I find it interesting just to keep scrolling through the feed of my social accounts. I recently deactivated most of my social accounts because it would just keep me busy for hours without any productivity. Now, that I got some time off I decided to start writing a blog because it would at least shape my writing skills.

What will I blog about and how often will I do so? 

I will probably write about almost everything but I promise it will be informative, encouraging and interesting. I will prioritise lifestyle blogs. You will also find travel blogs, blogs about global issues, reviews of variety of stuffs (books, movies, tv series, beauty products, games, et cetera), festival blogs (mainly about the festivals here in Nepal because we celebrate alot of festivals) and much more. I will definitely blog weekly but if i can I will blog more often.

Thank you so much for your time. If you have any suggestions or feedbacks related to the blogs, your comments are appreciated.


15 thoughts on “An introvert in the blogosphere 

  1. Since you’ve just started posting your blogs,you must always remember that,”Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.” Do what makes you happy and keep writing.Will be waiting for more from you.

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